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Shift Happens

What Does it Take to Make a Change?

Some would have you believe that change is a long arduous process… that it can take years to change beliefs, attitudes, values, or behaviors. Consider for a moment times when you’ve had an experience that changed you in an instant. Have you ever experienced anything traumatic or something extraordinarily joyful. and said, “This has changed me…”?

Have you ever held an opinion about a person that was not very positive and then learned one new fact about them that “changed everything”? Have you ever been arguing with someone and firmly committed to your point of view until they introduced a new concept that swayed you to their side? Perhaps you justified changing your mind with “Well that changes everything! Why didn’t you say that at the beginning…?”

Would it be fair to say then, YOU have experienced instant (or near instant) change? Traumatic events often create instant change in our thinking. We see the world through different lens. Think for a moment, about the power of your mind now. The power it has to change your worldview in an instant.

Your mind already knows how to make instant changes. It doesn’t take long to make a change – it just takes using your mind the way your mind is designed; and that means using it at the unconscious level.

Three Steps to Making a Change

  • First: Let go of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs about what’s holding you back.

  • Second: Take action toward what you want. Nothing happens without action and any movement breaks the hold of inertia.

  • Third: Focus on your goal. This is the last of the steps. Make course corrections. Change strategies because the world around you will throw new events and challenges at you. Be flexible, all while moving steadily towards what you want.

Most programs don’t do it this way. They’ll have you break down your goal into smaller weekly/daily steps and then focus on actions. You’ll make a vision board or some other tool to keep your focus on the goals. This is all good but… without letting go of the negative, unconscious (subconscious) emotions that are keeping you stuck; it’s the equivalent of driving your car with one foot on the accelerator and the other pressing the brake… something is going to burn out.

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